How to Unlock Windows 7 Administrator Password Instantly

Have you ever lost your Windows 7 password? If no, then you are so lucky, if yes, then you can’t imagine that you will lose the Windows 7 login password on day. It seems not in the alarmist. In this world, every person has to keep a lot of passwords, including Windows login password. They are not the only groups that lost their Windows 7 login password. In that case, they have to unlock the password for their Windows 7 OS. Therefore, how to unlock Windows 7 password is the main idea of this article here.


unlock Windows 7 password

Windows 7 is by no means the latest Windows OS, now the latest Windows OS is Windows 8; however, it seems that Microsoft will develop Windows 9 in the next year. On one hand, we are expected for Windows 9 in the future, on the other hand, as Windows 7 users, we are enjoy the convenience of Windows 7, but confused about how to unlock password Windows 7. That is really a contradicted issue. So what about the ideas to unlock Windows 7 password, do you have any good suggestion? As a matter of fact, you have several alternatives. Now let’s see the detailed information as below.

Alternative 1: Unlock Windows 7 administrator password using repair disk

Generally speaking, if we know how to administrator password Windows 7 with password reset disk, then it is an easy method to solve the forgotten or lost Windows 7 password. But you have to create a password reset disk beforehand. First of all, insert the repair disk to your locked computer and then restart it. Click the Startup Repair and follow the Repair Wizard while the System Recovery Options turns out. After that, you are able to add back the programs or Windows Updates that is possible to be got rid of during the recovery procedure.

Alternative 2: Unlock password for Windows 7 using CMD

If you would like to learn how to unlock password on Win 7 with the CMD, then it is the opportunity for you. Just login to the Windows 7 with the admin account and then click the Start button, type the “CMD.EXE ” in the search box and then press Enter. Type “net user” “net name” and “net password” in the pop up command screen. Then the user account and the password will be given away with the new one. In this method, you have to make use of the admin account to login to your Windows 7, thus if the locked about it not the administrator account, you can use this, unless you have to use other tips.

Alternative 3: Unlock Windows 7 password using Windows 7 password unlocker

If you have the thought to understand how to unlock Win 7 after forgetting password, then this method is a good way. You can try a Windows password unlocker for Windows 7 and then follow the steps to do all the process. It is often regarded as the most convenient method. You only have to use three simple steps and then your Windows 7 password will be removed or changed. It is pretty easy and you are a user who knows little about computers, you might as well have a try because it is totally easy to use.

You can use one of the Windows 7 password unlocker named SmartKey Windows Password Recovery, for more detailed information about it you can check out

Windows 7 Password Cracker – How to Crack Windows 7 Password Successfully

Have you ever meet the disaster that you forgot Windows 7 password? If so, when you forgot Windows 7 password, what do you do then? As a matter of fact, people have different manners to this, some of them may ignore this problem and change another computer to continue to use and of course those guys are the rich guys. Some of them have no idea about how to crack Windows 7 password with them, so they ask this question again and again, from the professional question and answer website such as Yahoo answer and the related forum to the search engine such as Google and Bing and of course those persons are the poor persons.


crack Windows 7 password

However, in my opinion, there are still other kinds of persons, they are neither rich nor poor, but they are smart. When they forgot their Windows 7 account login password, they are not so anxious. They also search online, but they are able to find some tips about how to crack Windows 7 admin password and they will follow the tips one by one until the Windows 7 admin password crack problem is solved totally.

Those who attempt to try their best and find out a useful solution are absolutely smart and sane persons. If you happen to be the same guys, you must be a clever person. If you have not thought of it, it doesn’t matter. You can read some tips about how to crack Windows 7 administrator password in this article.

Now let’s see what I find about how to crack admin password Windows 7 or other user account password on Windows 7 as below:

Condition 1: Crack Windows 7 password if the locked account isn’t admin account

To be honest, if the locked account is not the admin account; to make take full advantage of the admin account to crack the password is a sensible option. You can see how to make use of admin account to crack your Windows 7 account password like this:

  1. Login to your computer with the admin account successfully, and then you will see the welcome screen. After the desktop appears, click the Windows 7 start button and then click the Control Panel.
  2. In the Control Panel, click Add or remove use account accounts. Then you can select the account that you have forgotten the password.
  3. Click on Remove the password or Change the password. Then you can remove or change the forgotten Windows 7 password.

Condition 2: Windows 7 password crack if the locked account is admin account

If the forgotten password of the account is the admin account, there are impossible for you to use the admin privilege to crack the password. However, you can utilize a Windows 7 password cracker to do you a favor. They are also the so called third party software. They are more professional than you and you are totally use one of them to find out, remove, change or directly create a new account for you. All in all, with a third party program, you can do more things with your account.

For example, the SmartKey Windows Password Recovery is one of those excellent Windows password recovery software. It is more convenient and easy to use than any other similar Windows password recovery tools and once you use it, you are also one of the trusted million users. It has three versions, one is the Standard, one is the Professional and the other is the Enterprise. If you are a domestic consumer, you can use the first version; if not, you have to use the other versions according to your requirement.


For more detailed information about how to use SmartKey Windows Password Recovery to crack Windows 7 password, you can click here.

Windows Password Recovery – How to Recover Windows Password in Different Situations

What should I do? I lost my Windows password last week and I have never backup the login password before. I remember that I am able to login my Windows laptop successfully last night when I would like to use the computer to search some materials online, but this morning when I wanted to open the computer as usual, I couldn’t open it any more. How could that suck thing happen on me? That is totally out of my expectation! I have no idea about Windows password recovery so please help me and my laptop right now, says Lily.


Windows password recovery

As a matter of fact, to lose Windows password is not a strange thing now because there are many free methods and tools to do that. If you are scrupulous enough, you will find out many methods in the Internet. But in fact not all the Windows password recovery method is working for us. At the same time, different Windows OS has different password recovery methods as well. Now you can see the different situations

Situation 1: Windows Vista Password Recovery

Windows Vista is rarely installed in the present computers, but there are still small parts of users using it. We have no idea that why the users not to change their operating system to another, we only know that when they lost their Windows Vista password, it will be a troublesome to them.

Situation 2: Windows XP Password Recovery

Windows XP is likely to be the old age Windows operating system in the history. We feel sorry to hear that Microsoft will not support Windows XP in the next year, but if your Windows OS is still the Windows XP, then once you lost or forgot Windows XP password, you will have to remove, recover, unlock or even crack your own XP account.

Situation 3: Windows 7 Password Recovery

Windows 7 is another excellent Windows OS of Microsoft. Its stable system let it to be a well-known operating system. Therefore, if the Windows 7 users lost their Windows 7 login user password, then there will be in a mess.

Generally speaking, you are seldom to lose Windows password of two or more Windows OS password at the same time, especially at the home machine. But what if the enterprise met this? Perhaps they will need a tool or a method that supports all the Windows OS.

Whether there are such methods or not, I have no idea about this. But recently I know a tool that is able to do that. Its name is SmartKey Windows Password Recovery and it is proved to be a Windows password recovery tool that supports all the Windows OS.

For more details about this tool you can check out

Forgot Windows 7 Password – How to Recover Forgotten Password on Windows 7

In this fast-paced society, we are likely to forget something such as forgot your spouse’s birthday, forgot to lock the door of your house when you went out, forgot to take the phone with you and your family or friends couldn’t contact with you. As far as I am concerned, all of these are not a big problem. I think the biggest dilemma is that you forgot computer password, such as forgot Windows 7 password.


forgot Windows 7 password

Have you ever forgotten password Windows 7 in your experience? If you do, would you know how to unlock password on Win 7? Will you reinstall your Windows OS or take it to the repair shop? That is the main idea I would like to talk with you. In reality, this is not so much a discussion as a suggestion.

Part I. Unconscionable treating methods after you forgot password Windows 7

Scenario 1:Take the locked Windows 7 PC to the repair shop

You may think that to have forgotten Windows 7 password is not a serious problem because you can ask someone else for help, such as take your computer to the repair shop. But I have to say, that is unreasonable and unnecessary. If the shop is far away from your home, you have to drive there and wasting of your oil. Oh, that is not so cost-efficient.

Scenario 2: Reinstall your Windows 7

As a matter of fact, most of the sufferers have no idea about how to do that. They usually think that they have to reinstall Windows OS and if they don’t know how to reinstall it, they will complain that I forgot my Windows 7 password carelessly and ask for how to reinstall Windows 7 on a computer in which I have forgotten Windows 7 password on a Q&A site such as Yahoo Answer.

Then there must be someone who answers them on detail and teach them how to reinstall it. Therefore, you can only have to know how to reinstall your PC instead of learning other methods. That is a bit stupid and the worst thing is that your data in your PC will be lost but you have never backup them.

Part II. Reasonable methods on how to recover forgotten password on Windows 7

Measure 1: Utilize Windows 7 password reset disk

Seldom persons know that there is a Windows password reset disk when you buy a new or second hand computer. If you are able to gain it, that is simple for you to recover the locked Windows 7 password with the disc. Just following the steps to do it and in the last step just type your new password and click OK button. At last, restart your computer, then you can login your Windows 7 with the new password you just reset.

Measure 2: Make use of the third-party software

There is a prejudice in some users’ mind, the so-called third-party software is not safe for their computer and if they install it, they may be risk of hacking data. But as a user of such software, I have to clarify that that software is absolutely secure. I have tried one of the tools called SmartKey Windows Password Recovery (free trial it in: ) and it is not only recovering my Windows 7 password, but also no hacking my information. I think you guys who have forgotten passwords Windows 7 can just trust them.


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Windows 8 Password Recovery – Detailed Steps to Recover, Remove or Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password

Perhaps recently the heated discussion of Microsoft is the Windows 8 and its update. When we talk about Windows 8, some users think it is either love or hate. They love it because it is a new Windows OS and they are willing to change their OS to Windows 8. They hate it because after the installation they find that Windows 8 doesn’t meet their expectations. One of the problems is that they forgot Windows 8 password easily, just as they install Windows 7 or Windows XP and easy to lose their password. Therefore you need to reset Windows 8 password.


Windows 8 password recovery

Why we need to recover Windows 8 password when we forgot or lost it?

Some people may know that Windows 8 has a new feature – Windows 8 picture password. That is different from the traditional login password mode. The user is able to set one section of a picture to be the login password and next time when they need to login their computers, they only need to click the place of the picture and then they will login successfully. But is it really safe? The stain may reveal your password; the person far from you may see your password and even your password can be shooting by somebody else. In that case, once you lost Windows 8 password, no matter it is the picture password or the type-in password you will need to recover Windows 8 password quickly.

Free talk about Windows 8 password reset

How to recover or remove Windows 8 password is actually a controversial topic because there is not only one way to unlock it. What’s more, there is no specific criterion to judge which is the best one. Furthermore, not every method suits your situation. Therefore, most of the Windows 8 geeks would rather to share the possible methods for those persons that need to crack Windows 8 password. But I don’t like them at all, I prefer to provide a method in details and introduce another measure to you in another article. I think this will be responsible for my readers to solve their Windows 8 password reset problem.

How to reset, recover or remove Windows 8 password with Windows 8 password recovery program?

Thus, you will see how to remove, recover or reset Windows 8 password with a Windows password recovery program when you forgot or lost it as below:

Step 1: Download a Windows password recovery app, such as SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. The Standard and Professional version helps you remove Windows 8 password, the Enterprise version helps you even change or reset Windows 8 password and create a new Windows local admin account. Free download the SmartKey program here:


Step 2: Install the tool into another accessible computer and then open it. You can see two options. One is to create password reset CD/DVD and another is to create password reset USB flash drive. Choose one option according whether you have a CD, DVD or USB and then click Burn. Then the program will DIY a Windows password reset disk for you in your flash drive. After that, click the Close button and pop up the flash drive.



Step 3: Insert the flash drive to your locked PC and restart, press F2 to enter the BIOS setup. Then select the “Removable Devices” if your drive is USB, select “CD-ROM Drive” if your drive is CD or DVD-ROM. Then Press F10 to save and restart.


Step 4: You can see all the accounts of your computer from the software. Just check the account user name and click the reset button, then your password will be removed quickly or reset as Re123456. Then you have finished the process with this Windows recovery tool successfully.


What Will You Replace Windows XP with, Windows 8, Windows 7 or other Operating System?

If you are a loyal fan of Windows XP, what will you replace Windows XP with after knowing that Microsoft won’t provide the security patches of Windows XP in a year? Perhaps you can get some ideas about the simple comparison of different OS to Windows XP as well from here.

loading-windows-xp Actually, rumors about Microsoft wouldn’t support Windows XP had never ends before. In the end of 2012, according to the data of ZDNet, Windows XP OS would be stopped updating by Microsoft in the next five hundred days. Until recently, Microsoft reminded their users that it was only a year left to support Windows XP. That is to say, until April 8, 2014, Microsoft will stop supporting for this 12-year-old operating system – Windows XP. Before the news, there were approximately 40.7% Microsoft Windows XP users in the world and most of them thought that it was a shame to know that news on the one hand, while on the other hand they have to seek alternatives at present.

As a matter of fact, once Microsoft Windows XP update support ends, the computers that install Windows XP won’t receive the update package of patches and security holes. This may be a huge security risk for those Windows XP computers, especially the business users. Therefore, for one thing, the Windows XP users have to think about the security problem that the Windows XP stops updating brings; for another, how to guide the Windows XP users to upgrade Windows XP to other OS such as Windows 8,Windows 7 or other OS has become another problem that both Microsoft and its competitors need to consider.

Generally speaking, the Windows XP users have the following options to replace with:

Part One: Replace Windows XP with Windows 7

windows-773960Compared to Windows XP, Windows 7 has been active in the market for only less than five years, but it seems to be more attractive than Windows XP. Regardless of in terms of appearance or the security and networking, Windows 7 has advantage on Windows XP. The victory of Windows 7 is embodied as below:

  1. Clearer interface and better image quality- The better image processing techniques of Windows 7 has high demand for its display portion, the image and color of Win 7 is better than Windows XP.
  2. Hardware processing and 3D engine – The design of Windows 7 has advantages over XP in the operating. Most of the functions are the slide menu, it is more convenient.
  3. Security – The operating file needs licensing in Windows XP and it is easy to transfer virus but Windows 7 not. What’s more, in the password recovery mode, Windows 7 password recovery methods are more than Windows XP.
  4. Runs faster – Windows 7 has much system optimizations than Windows XP. In some way it runs faster than Windows XP.

Part Two: Replace Windows XP with Windows 8

windows-8-passwordreset1As a new Operating System, although Windows 8 is not as popular as Windows 7, it is also another choice to replace Windows XP.

  • Firstly, Windows 8 runs faster than Windows XP absolutely.
  • Secondly, Windows 8 has the completely touch function. Just as the advertisement shows, Windows 8 is able to let you touch the future.
  • Thirdly, there is no doubt that Windows 8 has more beautiful interface than Windows XP.
  • Fourthly, Windows 8 has diversified ways of sharing. It allows you to share your photos to Facebook or upload your files to SkyDrive swiftly.

Last but not least, Windows 8 users cannot only login the screen with the login screen, but also login Windows 8 with a picture password and Windows XP can only has the latter choice. To speak of, both of the two operating systems are able to use the same Windows recovery tool to recover the password. Windows XP users have no much obstacle to upgrade Windows 8. But remember to backup your data in Windows XP before upgrading to Win 8. In a word, you can replace Windows XP with Windows 8 as long as you are willing to.

Part Three: Replace Windows XP with other Operating System

otherosIf you are fed up with Microsoft Windows operating system, you can also choose another OS as below. But certainly they are not so common than Windows OS.

  1. Windows Vista – It is an operating system by Microsoft for use on personal computers, including home and business desktops, laptops, tablet PCs, and media center PCs.
  2. Mac OS – It is a series of graphical user interface based on operating system developed by Apple Inc.
  3. ios (iPad) – It is a mobile operating system developed and distributed by Apple Inc.
  4. Android tablet – It is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touch screen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers.
  5. Linux – It is a Unix-like computer operating system assembles under the model of free and open source software development and distribution.
  6. Ubuntu – It is a computer operating system based on the Debian Linux distribution and distributed as free and open source software, using its own desktop environment.

Summary: Global Trends to Replace Windows XP with Windows 7

Based on the latest statistics, Windows XP has losing its market and in will be the time of Windows 7 then. In a survey during April 1, 2013 to April 10, 2013, many Windows XP users are more willing to replace Windows XP with Windows 7.



In a word, whether to replace Windows XP to another operating system or not, it depends on you. But you have better replace it and now the better suggestion is to replace Windows XP with Windows 7.




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How to Unlock Windows 7 Password with Three Measures

Although Windows 8 has been in the market for so long, many PS users still used the Windows 7 OS. I am not in the exception. I have used Windows 7 for two years, and I believe it is the best version of Windows that Microsoft has produced. It is a boost to productivity and a pleasure to use. Despite a few drawbacks, I can heartily recommend Windows 7 to mainstream Windows Operating System users. Therefore, I will never install other OS to my computer until another better OS come up. At least, I think Windows 8 can’t substitute for Windows 7.

However, there is nothing to be perfect, even the inventor of Windows 7, the human. Nobody is perfect, and no computer is perfect as well. Even though Windows 7 has packed with features and tweaks that make using your computer an easier and more satisfying experience, the login password problem is always there, the same as any other OS.


It is well known that we can create a password on the Windows 7 OS. But many persons still have not known how to unlock Windows 7 when they forgot or lost the password accidently. I have had the same problem as them because for losing my Windows 7 password, until now I find out methods to deal with such issue. I hope it is never too late to take a tumble.

How to unlock password on Windows 7 when you forgot it and can’t access a locked computer? Here are how:

Measure 1: Unlock Windows 7 password with password hint

Every Windows 7 computer has a password hint once you type the incorrect password. This is not appearing until the password is wrong. Thus, if you can remember your password with the password hint, then I will congratulate you that you have saved a lot of time and you are so clever and lucky to make use of the function of password hint. The next time when you forgot it again, you can also use this hint to find out remind your password. That is quite a good method so I suggest everyone to type the password hint when you create your Windows 7 password.

Measure 2: Unlock Windows 7 password with reinstalling system

Sometimes to reinstall your computer is not so bad for your computer because at this time you can clear up all the useless software and old documents. But at the same time some important files will be lost, so you are bound to think over and over. If your decision is to re-install system to unlock Windows 7 administrator password or the guest account, you can get an external hard drive and re-install Windows 7 with it.

Measure 3: Unlock Windows 7 password with Unlock Windows 7 software

What if there are no password hint and no hard drive, never mind, you can still use the software with a small USB drive. Here I suggest SmartKey Windows Password Recovery (Download it here). That is a professional Windows password unlocker and you can only use a USB flash drive to solve all the problems. As far as I am concerned, maybe you say you don’t need a third party program to unlock Windows 7, but if there is an easy-to-use, safe, fast and helpful Windows 7 password unlocker you can use to solve your problem, why not have a try?

In a summary, to unlock Windows 7 password is a specific problem and you have to use your own judgment to decide on each specific matter. Good luck.

How to Crack Windows 7 Password on Your Own

Have you seen your friends or your family members who ever lost or forgot password on Windows 7? I have. I think to forget Windows 7 password is not a very good thing. It is not that you win a game or you have done a great job in your work, so you will not speak with everyone and everywhere that you lost password Windows 7 by accident or ever want to lose it again.

Therefore, how will you deal with this terrible and embarrassing issue and solve it perfectly so that someone won’t make fun of you. You have to solve it by yourself. You have to crack Windows 7 password on your own! But later how to and what to do it is what you must to face with. Remember that you can only do it so that you can give a surprise to your friends and they may admire your talent.


How to crack Windows 7 administrator password or other account password, you have two options here.

Option 1: Re-install your Windows 7 computer

Of course you are able to attempt to the reinstall your computer, but at the same time you have to prepare for that your data will be lost. Therefore if you have backup all your important stuff to another disk, you can choose this method.

Option 2: Utilize Windows 7 password cracker

Actually in order to find out your lost password on Windows 7, you can only utilize a Windows 7 password cracker because this is the best and fastest method. The Windows 7 password crack solution is as below:

Step 1: Try hard to gain a Windows password remover program named SmartKey Windows Password Recovery and then install it in another accessible computer.

Step 2: After opening it you can burn it as a Windows 7 password recovery disk using a blank or flash drive. If the disk is not blank you have to transfer it and make sure that the material inside is unnecessary.

Step 3: Take this disk away from the accessible computer and insert it into your locked computer, do as the instruction shows and then your password can be removed and then you have crack Windows 7 admin password or other account password successfully. At last don’t forget to restart your computer.

Perhaps you couldn’t understand these simple steps well. It doesn’t matter; you can visit this website for more useful tips:

Windows 7 Password Unlocker – How to Unlock Windows 7 Password Smoothly

If you are one of the millions of Windows 7 operating system computer users, please tell me, do you enjoy using your Windows 7? How do you usually use your Microsoft Windows 7 computer for? Playing games, watching videos, learning tips, searching online, chatting with your friends or listening to music? No matter what the answer is, there is one thing in common that you have a lot of materials on your computer Windows 7 and you wouldn’t like to lose any of them.

Most of Windows 7 users are accustomed to create a password on their computer so that there are no unexpected and factitious reasons for anybody else to use their machine. This is a good idea to protect their personal privacy as well. They might also know that a password and a username stand for they were the owner of the computer Windows 7 long time ago. However, what if they lost or forgot Windows 7 password by themselves in the situation that nobody else knows that the right password is except them?


As we all know, once you set a password on your PC, without typing the login password of Windows 7, unless you unlock Windows 7 password, you can’t do anything with your computer at all. There are no videos, no Internet, no games, no search results, no movies, no music, no pictures and no folders when you can’t remember your Windows login account password! Then you will consider your daily life is so boring and disgusted.

Therefore, finding out a solution to unlock Windows 7 password is extremely urgent! How to do this? As opinions vary on that point, no decision can be reached. Here I will list two of them as below:

Opinion 1.Unlock Windows 7 Password with Windows Password Reset Disk

Every Windows 7 computer has a Windows password reset disk once you own the machine. If you mention that you don’t have one, maybe the disk is lost or you don’t even know you have one. This Windows 7 password reset disk is like a Windows recovery tool when you forgot your password at any time. For this reason, if there is no such password reset disk in your hand, go to opinion two, else if your Windows password reset disk can be found, you can use it to unlock your Windows 7 password.

Thus, how to unlock Windows 7 with this Windows 7 password reset disk? Firstly insert your disk into the locked computer and restart it. At this time when the System Recovery Options come out, choose Startup Repair and follow with the Repair Wizard. Wait a while and then the reset password box appears. At last, type your new password and then restart your computer, you will login with the new password successfully.

Opinion 2.Unlock Windows 7 Password with Windows 7 Password Unlocker

This solution is for the person, who has no Windows password reset disk. Generally speaking, the almighty way to unlock Windows 7 is the third party software. But if you learn nothing about it, you are lucky enough to meet one here. I recommend one of them named SmartKey Windows Password Recovery. It is a professional Windows Password Unlocker for Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/Server. Just three easy steps can you use to recover your lost Windows 7 password within three minutes. Its characteristic is fast than any other similar program and it is safe, without losing any data.

It is easy-to-use and you must make a fulfill preparation. Of course before using it you have to believe in it and prepare a blank CD/DVD/USB flash drive, so if you have no CD or DVD, the USB is enough, and make sure the Universal Serial Bus is blank, if not, check the data in it because all of them will be lost after using it.


Get to the main point, how to unlock password on Win 7 computer? So simple, here are three easy steps for you to refer,

Step 1.Download SmartKey Windows Password Recovery from and install into another unlocked machine, if you don’t have one, you can borrow one from your neighbor or you friends or your relative or go to the cybercafé.

Step 2.Insert the CD or DVD or USB into the unlocked computer. Run the program and burn it into your CD or DVD or UDB. Make sure the flash drive is blank before doing it, or make sure the original data is trashy.

Step 3.Take the flash drive to your locked computer and use it to recover Windows 7 password easily. Then your password will be removed. Then restart your computer and you will access your desktop or laptop successfully.

Pretty easy to use this unlock Windows 7 software smoothly, you can make a contrast to these two opinions and choose one of them to solve your Windows 7 password problem!

Easy approach of windows 8 startup repair

If windows 8 boot error occrus?

Windows 8 won’t boot up is exactly what may frustrate our emotion deeply when we are going to do something with it. I believe most of you are not able to put up with such an occur on your computer. But if unfortunately the disaster occurs to you, what can you do? As a matter of fact, we all able to fix this issue eaily if we can find a proper solution. Fist of all, we should leran to know the causes of windows 8 boot error. So that we can remove the problem according to the causes. That is what I am going to share:how can we fix computer won’t boot in an easy way. Maybe it is available for you.
windows 8 won't boot

Why can’t you boot up windows 8

According to my experience, Windows 8 boot error can be caused by the issues as follows%uFF1A
1.There may be one of the following boot file lost.
* NTLDR is missing or corrupted
* is missing
* Ntoskrnl.exe is missing
* NTFS.SYS is missing
* BOOTMGR is missing or corrupted
* Hal.dll is missing
2.MBR issues can lead to hard disk boot failure. When it happen, you will see “invalid partition table”, “hard disk boot failure”, etc. on your computer.
3.Partition boot sector is corrupted
4.Registry is corrupted
Others like corrupted or missing Windows system file; corrupted DPT (Disk Partition Table); damaged MBR, and corrupted registry are the common causes of windows boot failure, too.
After we got to know why you can’t boot windows 8, we can take some measure to fix it now.

Just fix windows 8 won’t boot with ease

Let’s troubleshoot the dreadful issue by the following steps:

1.An efficiency troubleshooting step on hardware is to start your computer with the minimum hardware necessary to run the operating system. If your computer starts successfully it proves that one of the removed hardware devices was the cause of the STOP message. Otherwise move to the next solution.
2.Boot your computer in Safe Mode by pressing F8 at startup. Then go to My Computer and right-click on Disk C to select Properties from the dropdown menu. From the Tools tab, perform an error check and disk cleaning.

3.If all above has been alright, we should take a ultimate solution to windows 8 boot repair.
Step one. Build a bootable CD/USB
Insert a cd or usb into another computer after you finally install Windows Boot Genius inside it, run the program and burn the cd/usb to a bootable disk.

Step two. set your computer boot from CD/USB after get into the BIOS menu
Press F2 or Delete to enter into the BIOS during initializing. Choose CDROM or USB Device as the first option for the Boot Device Priority under Boot meun.

Step three. start rescue your pc while using the CD/USB created before this section.
After boot your pc from the disk, the computer will start with a win PE system . There you will find the icon”Windows Boot Genius” on the desktop, double click it. Then stick to the instruction of the program to fix your computer. The full process would be complete in several minutes.

With this solution, we can totally fix windows boot failure by ourselves own rather than ask others for help. It is the most convenient and effective method to figure out this kind of problems. And Windows Boot Genius is also available to fix all computer errors,create bootable CD/USB, recover data deleted and unlock windows password. I hope it could be available for someone who needs a windows 8 boot repair.