How to Crack Windows 7 Password on Your Own

Have you seen your friends or your family members who ever lost or forgot password on Windows 7? I have. I think to forget Windows 7 password is not a very good thing. It is not that you win a game or you have done a great job in your work, so you will not speak with everyone and everywhere that you lost password Windows 7 by accident or ever want to lose it again.

Therefore, how will you deal with this terrible and embarrassing issue and solve it perfectly so that someone won’t make fun of you. You have to solve it by yourself. You have to crack Windows 7 password on your own! But later how to and what to do it is what you must to face with. Remember that you can only do it so that you can give a surprise to your friends and they may admire your talent.


How to crack Windows 7 administrator password or other account password, you have two options here.

Option 1: Re-install your Windows 7 computer

Of course you are able to attempt to the reinstall your computer, but at the same time you have to prepare for that your data will be lost. Therefore if you have backup all your important stuff to another disk, you can choose this method.

Option 2: Utilize Windows 7 password cracker

Actually in order to find out your lost password on Windows 7, you can only utilize a Windows 7 password cracker because this is the best and fastest method. The Windows 7 password crack solution is as below:

Step 1: Try hard to gain a Windows password remover program named SmartKey Windows Password Recovery and then install it in another accessible computer.

Step 2: After opening it you can burn it as a Windows 7 password recovery disk using a blank or flash drive. If the disk is not blank you have to transfer it and make sure that the material inside is unnecessary.

Step 3: Take this disk away from the accessible computer and insert it into your locked computer, do as the instruction shows and then your password can be removed and then you have crack Windows 7 admin password or other account password successfully. At last don’t forget to restart your computer.

Perhaps you couldn’t understand these simple steps well. It doesn’t matter; you can visit this website for more useful tips:


  1. Thank you very much! I used the second option to crack my Windows 7 laptop password and it worked!